Pancetta is made with pork belly, which is dry cured and rubbed with our own blend of herbs & spices, which gives the cut its unique depth of flavour.

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Chorizo Matured

Lovely smoky flavour. Our own blend of paprika, chilli and other exotic spices. Lower in fat than most other chorizos with a maximum of 20%.

Pepperoni deluxe

Pepperoni deluxe

Our own luxury version of this classic pizza topping. Lower in fat than most, and made using prime cuts of meat, clean and spicy after taste.


-Black pepper
-Chilli & Garlic

True British Range Salami Castellano's

Sliced assorted charcuterie pack

180g pack including Sliced Coppa, Black pepper salami and Chorizo. Ideal for sharing and easy portion control.

Cooking Chorizo 90g

Cooking Chorizo

A versatile sausage, great in a bun, in stews and as a support ingredient for fish, meat and vegetables. Less fat than most brands. Our own blend of sweet and smoked paprika, chilli and other exotic spices. 97% meat.

Coppa Collar

Coppa Collar

Coppa is made with the pork neck muscle, cured and air-dried for a minimum of five weeks. It has a lovely marbled appearance, a sweet flavour and a unique soft texture.